11 Powerful Crystals For Money, Abundance And Prosperity

crystals for wealth

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12 Powerful Crystals To Attract Wealth And Abundance

Are you looking for a lift in financial energy? These crystals for money hold the answer.

Perhaps up until now your best efforts to secure financial success are always met with a roadblock or hurdle that you can’t seem to overcome?

This could be due to your energy, mindset, approach or belief system.

If this is the case, then the use of crystals to enhance your bid for prosperity, is exactly what you need to bring into your life. 

11 Of The Best Crystals For Money

The power of crystals has been recognized since ancient times, to achieve a life of abundance and to help you on your way to experiencing new opportunities along with all of the money and prosperity that you desire.

But knowing the right crystal to choose when bringing powerful crystals into your life is where we come in.

Here you have the best crystals for money, what each one brings to the table, and how to use them to see the best results.

1. Green Aventurine

Do you long to retrieve money that you have spent poorly or lost?

The Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity, so although it can’t bring back the same coins that have already left your pocket, it is one of the best ways to create new opportunities and establish the right mindset to generate new wealth. 

This beautiful crystal will not only increase the flow of money into your daily life, but other positive energies, such as love, confidence and friendship. 

Holding a piece of Green Aventurine money stone over your heart chakra, while meditating or performing your daily mantras, will boost your energy of abundance and ensure the best results.

best crystals for money
Green Aventurine, the best crystals for money

2. Clear Quartz

Also widely known as ‘The Master Healer’, Clear Quartz has a form of energy that acts as a powerful energy magnet for anything that it is used towards.  

For any and all of your financial ambitions, whether it is setting up a new business, building an existing one, or landing the new job you have long desired, the positive energies of this magnificent abundance stone will provide you with the long-term energy you will need to get there.

Clear Quartz works best when placed in your wealth corner, in a bowl along with your other money crystals.

best crystals for money
Clear Quartz, the best crystals for money

3. Citrine

Known as the ‘Lucky Merchant’s Stone’, this captivating Citrine crystal is a popular stone to achieve financial success in business and for business owners and is commonly associated with removing any energy blockage that could prevent money flooding into your life.

A single piece of Citrine will boost a flow of wealth and generosity, encouraging you to share what you have with others, setting about a positive cycle that will result in the cash flow that you desire.

Natural Citrine is a bright yellow color and very rare, which may add to making it one of the most highly regarded abundance crystals

For the best results, simply place Citrine in a money corner of your home or business to accelerate your journey to financial abundance.

crystals for healing chakras

4. Pyrite

This yellow and Gold mineral stone is one you may already be familiar with and is more commonly referred to as Fools Gold – but only a fool would be without this manifestation stone.

Pyrite is a very powerful stone that will enhance the manifestation process, and help you clear out your mind of any negative financial doubts, as you gravitate towards your true financial goals

The shimmering gold gem will help you dispel any negative energy you may be experiencing, so that you can push on in the right direction to achieve all of the financial success that you long for.

best crystals for money
Pyrite (Fool's Gold), the best crystals for money

5. Green Jade

This great stone is known for being one of the most important good luck stones in the world, and for its power to create good fortune

Green Jade is renowned for its healing energy that will dispel negative thoughts, self-doubts, criticisms, and feelings that you may not be worthy enough to bring money into your own life.

This luck stone was recognized by ancient cultures as one of the powerful tools at their disposal to generate wealth. 

Green Jade has an ability to calm, helping you to keep a clear mind, regardless of any financial troubles or concerns. 

A Jade elephant with a raised trunk, is a symbol of abundance.

best crystals for money
Green Jade, the best crystals for money

6. Rose Quartz

This beautifully soft, pink stone sits at the pinnacle of the heart chakra

The Queen of crystal healing, a piece of Rose Quartz will fill your life with unconditional love and healing, so that positive energy can flow through you completely. 

When you feel open to the flow and love of the world around you and your emotional needs, it is impossible not to welcome more peace and prosperity into your life.

It’s easy to see why Rose Quartz is widely regarded as one of the most popular crystals for generating abundance and prosperity. 

Rose Quartz, the best crystals for money
Rose Quartz, the best crystals for money

7. Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger Eye crystals is a captivating, high density wash of yellow, red and brown beauty.

A lot of people refer to this stone of abundance as the ‘Stone of Mind’, as it has an all-realizing capability of bringing your deepest desires, hopes and intentions into existence.    

The warm flow of solar energy provides earthy rich roots that will keep you stable and grounded as you choose the right path to wealth and abundance, reminding you to remain humble and avoid greed as you seek prosperity.

Having the right mindset and remaining focused, clear-minded and present, is the best way to ensure the laws of attraction are set to work, all of  which the Tiger’s Eye crystal will cultivate alongside you.

crystals for healing chakras
Tiger's Eye

8. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is associated closely with the root chakra, which provides inner strength and security, which will help to dissipate any stress you may be experiencing on your way to achieving your financial aspirations.

With your new-found strength provided by Black Tourmaline, you will possess a confidence that drives you to ask the difficult questions that you will need to ask  yourself, in order to reach your goals.

Black Tourmaline is best used in a number of different ways. Keeping it close to you, either carrying it in your pocket, sleeping with it in your pillowcase, or holding it in your palm during your daily yoga or wellness routines to receive its full energy flow

crystals for calming anxiety
Black Tourmaline, the best crystals for money

9. Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a truly precious and prosperous crystal. 

It carries strong powers to gravitate you towards not just wealth and abundance, but to personal well-being, happiness, longevity and prosperity along the way.

The Yellow Sapphire stone represents Jupiter, which holds a commanding position in the planetary sphere, cloaking its users in a divine grace and personal power.

The best way to use Yellow Sapphire and receive its blessings of abundance and wealth, is to wear the stone on your person, whether in a ring or a necklace.

With Yellow Sapphire and your new-found focus for hard work, you will be operating on a higher frequency as you gravitate towards prosperity.

Yellow Sapphire, the best crystals for money

10. Blue Sapphire

The Blue Sapphire (Neelam) stone, is depended upon for achieving financial stability in your home and in business.

Its captivating Royal Blue shine is commonly associated with royalty, and will attract abundance, gifts, and blessings of wealth. It is used to protect against negative energies and achieve a calm, positive energy flow. 

Its connection to the throat chakra will empower you to communicate your own intention, whether in that all important meeting, to your business partner or even your boss, as you create your own opportunities to operate on that all-important higher frequency

best crystals for money
Blue Sapphire, the best crystals for money

11. Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is one of the best things to bring into your life to elevate your self-confidence, courage and abundance. 

This powerful Yellow crystal will flood your life with energy, stimulation, joy and happiness. It is from this place of personal happiness and contentment, that you can focus fully on your financial ambitions, while all else in your life remains calm and loving. 

Yellow Jade is aligned with the Sun, and it will encourage you to harness your personal power, so that you can achieve fulfillment through your ambitions of financial empowerment. 

Yellow Jade, the best crystals for money

12. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a striking blue stone, decorated with beautiful splashes of gold.

In the world of Feng Shui, Lapis Lazuli is looked to for the unique way it brings prosperity and protectivity into the home. It is important that on your journey to wealth and abundance, you are protected and do not leave yourself vulnerable to being hurt or misled.

Lapis will also provide you with the clarity of mind to solve the problems that appear in front of you, keeping your hard work and focus on the things that matter most. 

crystals for healing chakras
Lapis Lazuli Best Crystals for wealth

Crystals For Money - What Next?

So now you have seen the 11 best stones to achieve your ambitions of wealth.

Hopefully we have set you on the path to decide which prosperity stone will focus your energy centres, so that you can select a personal preference and put your lucky stone to work. 

You can select any one of the images above to purchase the crystal that best suits your needs and continue on your journey to prosperity.

Or to learn more about the power of crystals, why not check out one of our posts below?

Thank you for reading and good luck!