15 Of The Best Crystals For Healing Anxiety and Stress

The best crystals for healing anxiety

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15 Crystals for calming anxiety and healing stress

Are you going through a stressful moment in your life or facing stressful situations? Are you feeling anxious all the time and having anxious thoughts?

You have probably tried some relaxation techniques or remedies and they just have not worked for you.

You want to feel happier and enjoy life?

If you are fed up with always struggling to control your state of mind and feel like it is taking over your life with a chronic cycle of stress, then crystals may well be the answer you are looking for.

Read on as we investigate some of the best crystals for healing anxiety and stress and how they will help you get your life back on track.

15 of the best crystals for healing anxiety

1. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to the best crystals for healing anxiety and stress.

It’s a beautiful crystal with shades of blue and violet throughout, that emit deeply calming and soothing vibrations. 

We recommend holding it whilst you are doing your daily meditation routine to help it calm your nerves and ease your state of mind.

If you find that your anxiety is a daily issue, then buying some of these crystals in bracelet form will allow you to experience its effects on the go.

Being a blue stone, it also carries cooling properties. Known for being consistently cool to the touch and with heat being a symptom of stress you can see why it is a perfect partner in tackling your anxiety.

The best crystals for healing anxiety
Blue Lace Agate

2. Lepidolite

If we are looking at the best crystals for healing anxiety you can’t overlook this beautiful gemstone.

The Lepidolite crystal is a gentle stone of soft purple tones that carries Lithium inside it that is often used in anti-anxiety medication. In fact, it carries the highest concentration of that element than any other crystal.

This one is best placed over your third eye during meditation, or a piece held gently in each hand.

For anyone who suffers regular anxiety attacks this crystal is highly regarded for its ability to pull you out of your negative emotions and back into the present.

Crystals for healing anxiety

3. Selenite

This crystal is all about its extremely high vibrational energy and it is also a source of light to fill you with positive energy.

It naturally appears in many colors but the almost misty white stone is one of the best for light energy.

It is a powerful remover of blocked energies which allows high levels of light energy to flood your energy field, making it one of the best crystals for healing anxiety and stress.

When you are connected to its light energy in both spirit and body, the dark energies like stress and anxiety can’t get in.

Therefore, it is considered a powerful stone in combating stress and anxiety.

the best crystals for healing anxiety

4. Smoky Quartz

A powerful grounded stone, this crystal is all about carrying your negative energy for you.

By letting go of your anxiety you pass the lower vibrations through to the stone and therefore lifting the burden from your spirit. 

This stone will help you let go of painful or difficult experiences. It will guide you to a higher state of being, somewhere where you can let go of the past and move on to a brighter, more balanced future.

This stone will cleanse your energy field, purifying it so that you can hand over any negative energies to your stone for it to carry.

The best crystals for healing anxiety
Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz will cleanse your energy field, purifying it so that you can hand over any negative energies to your stone for it to carry.

5. Jasper

Jasper crystals are a uniform deep red sand color, that occasionally has streaks of brown, yellow or black.

Don’t be deceived by its relative plainness though. This stone is the daddy of nurturing energy.

Do you work in a high-pressure environment Then this is for you.

Jasper is all about quick thinking and confidence so in a fast-paced high-pressure environment it will allow you to perform better and make the right decision every time. 

It is also one of the most effective stones for removing toxins and radiation for your environment so if you feel like your work or home surroundings are less than pure Jasper will balance these energies for you.

This stone has also found huge commercial prospects with plenty of items being made from it.

If you enjoy the power it holds then a piece of jewelry is a must as it will allow Jasper to work all day for you, wherever you are.

crystals for healing chakras

6. Shungite

This is an ancient crystal that has been rated as one of the best crystals for healing anxiety throughout the ages.

Whereas some of the previous stones have carried your energies, Shungite is an absorber. It absorbs any nervous energy or worry that you have and carries that load for you.

In the modern world this beauty has all sorts of applications.

Place it next to electronic items like a TV or your laptop or phone and the electromagnetic waves that they emit are absorbed and turned into a gentler form of energy. 

Often in today’s world when a reason for our feelings of anxiety can’t be found we overlook the negative effect many of the gadgets around us have on our spiritual and physical well-being.

After using this wonderful stone however many people find deep inner peace descends upon them.

The best crystals for healing anxiety

7. Obsidian

Similar in color to Black Tourmaline, Obsidian is a favorite here at Maverick Mindsets for its effects on anxiety and in particular panic attacks through its absorption abilities.

Black stones are well known as being powerful absorbers of negative forces and also carry strong protection powers.

Obsidian works by helping you align with the feeling of self-control which helps you manage everyday life, especially if you feel a panic attack is nearby.

Obsidian also reminds you of who you are when unloving thoughts about yourself are taking over.

The best crystals for healing anxiety

8. Moonstone

One of the best crystals for visual pleasure, Moonstone is also deeply connected to our feminine force.

Aptly named after the cosmic body we know so well, like our moon this crystal is nurturing, soothing and intuitive.

It reminds us that the darkness of night that the moon sits in always gives way to light. If you are in a dark place this stone will shine a light towards the end of the tunnel.

Many users of Moonstone say that it improves their psychic abilities. Psychic powers are connected to understanding and clarity, both of which are intimately aligned with our ability to handle anxiety and stress.

crystals for healing chakras

9. Clear Quartz

The master healer, this one is one of the best crystals for healing anxiety. 

In recent years due to its similarity to glass many manufacturers just cut glass and sell it as quartz. However, when you get genuine clear quartz its effect on the physical body is clear. 

Arthritis sufferers will often wear this on their wrist to allow the healing effects ease the pain in the joints.

Not just for physical healing however it is an excellent choice for mental health issues and if you feel those issues are tied to physical problems this is the crystal for you.

The best crystals for healing anxiety
Clear Quartz

10. Amethyst

An Amethyst crystal is probably one of the most well known and popular stones on this list.

A gentle stone that helps to open and activate your third eye chakra that is connected to spirituality and intuition and crown chakra which is our connection to the universe.

It releases the energy associated with the mind. It clears away any chaotic, anxious, stressful thoughts.

Amethyst has a great connection with helping with insomnia through its ability to remove anxiety.

Place some by your bed and allow its anxiety busting energies to ease you into a deep night sleep.

The best crystals for healing anxiety

11. Rose Quartz

A piece of Rose Quartz can seriously improve your love life as it is known as the stone of love.

Its gentle pink tones lend itself perfectly to its main ability which is to amplify the levels of love in your life whether on a personal level or even in a professional setting.

This stone is the most affordable of all healing crystals for anxiety and stress.

Ideally you want to place a piece in every room of the house for that ultimate healing effect but without breaking the bank.

If your anxiety revolves around your emotions, then this is the crystal for you as its central property is to bring you emotional balance.

crystals for calming anxiety
Rose Quartz

12. Sodalite

Often mistaken for Lapis Lazuli, this blue and white marbled stone relates to your Throat Chakra as its energy center is represented by the wavelength of blue light.

We connect Sodalite to anxiety and stress because of its focus on the throat, after all our voice is our best way of communication and if we feel we can’t express our thoughts and feelings we can become stressed.

Sodalite is certainly one of the best crystals for healing anxiety if you feel you aren’t able to communicate in the way you’d like.

Crystals for healing chakras

13. Citrine

This powerful healing stone is all about enthusiasm and enjoyment which matches its bright yellow color. 

By connecting with Citrine you can harness the energy of light and the energy of the Sun found within the stone to calm your mind and realize your true, even mind state. 

This stone helps you meet life’s fear with great optimism so if life’s stresses and anxieties  are holding you back and causing you fear, then Citrine is the stone for you.

Citrine is also a powerful crystal for welcoming money into your life.

crystals for healing chakras

14. Tigers eye

A stone that never loses its popularity, this wonderful stone has been around as a powerful center for healing for a long time and is one of the best crystals for healing anxiety.

Colored to match its name this is a stone of brown and gold that shines beautifully.

Tigers eye is a strong protector stone and for those who have felt its awesome energy you will often find they keep it close on a piece of jewelry or in a handbag.

It is a relaxing stone and when it can’t directly ease your anxiety it will help you receive peace and positive energy via a relaxed physical state.

If you need some luck this is also an extremely powerful luck bringer.

So, if you are needing a new job or just more opportunity in your life, be sure to grab some Tiger’s Eye.

crystals for healing chakras
Tiger's Eye

15. Howlite

To round out our list of the best crystals for healing anxiety we look towards one that works with the memory.

Howlite is a unique turquoise/white which makes it stand out beautifully on trinkets and jewellery.

Working with the memory its energy is directed towards fueling a desire for knowledge and communication, which often leads to better emotional expression.

It is often reported that Howlite physically removes anxiety from the brain, so this stone can bring a speedy sense of calm if you keep it by your bed.

The best crystals for healing anxiety

So, there you have it, 15 of the best crystals for healing anxiety and stress!

Crystals are such a powerful, natural source of positive energies that it is difficult to write them off as placebo effect even though people will point out the lack of scientific evidence. 

Healing crystals have been used throughout history from the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians; they have always played a part in gaining spiritual and physical balance.

So whether you need physical, psychic or mental help to improve your daily life and remove the anxiety that’s holding you back, any of the crystals in this list will be a great place to start.

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