8 Powerful Crystals For Calming Anxiety And Stress

crystals for calming anxiety

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The Best Healing Stones To Calm Your Anxiety And Stress

If you’re searching for knowledge about using crystals for calming anxiety then you’ve found the right article.

One of the best ways to calm anxiety and stress is to make sure that you are surrounded by positive energy and crystals are a fantastic way to achieve this.

Negative emotions keep you at your most stressed, so it’s important to find ways to protect yourself from outside influences of worry, feelings of fear, and feelings of anger or sadness.

crystals for calming anxiety
Crystals for calming anxiety. Image - Pixabay

The best way to calm anxiety and stress is by creating your own crystal set of amethyst, rose quartz, a piece of fluorite, raw lepidolite, hematite, or clear quartz crystals

In this post, we will cover everything you could possibly need to know about crystals for calming anxiety – how each type of crystal can help and the best ways to use them.

That way, you can ensure you have a positive energy field even in the most stressful situations.

How can I prevent negative energy from getting to me?

There are different ways that you can prevent negative energy from infiltrating your mind, but one of the best ways is by surrounding yourself with healing crystals. 

Crystals, minerals, soothing stones—whatever you call them—they help to ground your energies in a way that makes it easier to turn off stimuli when it’s time to relax.  

But how do you choose which gentle stone to get?

If you’re not already familiar with healing crystals for calming anxiety, you might find yourself at a loss. 

To get started, it’s important to remember that crystals for calming anxiety are just rocks that have undergone specific changes during their life cycle.

crystals for calming anxiety
Crystals for Healing Anxiety, Image - Unsplash

One of those changes is through what’s called programming, where certain rocks react in different ways due to physical damage or heat treatment. 

However, there isn’t a single hard-and-fast rule about programming.

Each calming stone reacts differently based on many factors that include its chemical composition and prior history. 

Some people believe all healing stones can be programmed, but however these crystals work, the main thing is that they bring you calming and inner peace.

This shouldn’t matter to you if your journey fulfils your purposes, and you focus on the bigger picture.

With that being said, the following stones are some of the popular stones for calming anxiety. 

Powerful crystals for calming anxiety

1. Amethyst

Since ancient times, this protective stone has been used as a healing tool by shamans, monks, priests, holy men, and women. 

These practitioners often wore amethyst crystals—but they weren’t simply worn because they looked pretty.

When in contact with human skin, this powerful stone emits high-frequency negative ions that have calming effects on our autonomic nervous system when experiencing stressful times.

Many people wear amethysts when going to bed at night to prevent nightmares or promote a good night’s sleep. 

Others place them on their desks to help reduce feelings of stress during working hours. 

For those who don’t believe that amethysts can reduce anxiety, there is some scientific evidence that shows wearing them can boost your mental state.

This is due to increased serotonin levels, making it a great stone to boost your mental health.

However, keep in mind it isn’t necessarily safe to make direct skin contact with amethyst calming crystal stones.

2. Blue Lace Agate

This calming stone is a type of chalcedony, which is a white/gray/black form of quartz. 

Although there isn’t much scientific evidence to support their effectiveness, many crystal experts believe that wearing blue lace agates—and other blue stones such as lapis lazuli—can reduce feelings of anxiety due to their soothing energy. 

Like amethyst, these stones can be worn by themselves or incorporated into jewelry such as rings and bracelets.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has been used since antiquity for spiritual and healing purposes in Eastern and Western ancient civilizations. 

It was even mentioned in Genesis when God gave Jacob a new name: Israel (which literally means he who wrestles with God). 

Much like amethyst, lapis lazuli also emits negative ions when exposed to human skin.

However, there is less scientific evidence supporting its ability to relieve stress than there is with amethysts. 

Nonetheless, many people find that placing lapis on their bodies or keeping them near their beds can help reduce feelings of anxiety during times of rest or while sleeping at night.

4. Pyrite

Pyrite—also known as fool’s gold—exists naturally as a mineral called pyrrhotite and is often found mixed in ore deposits alongside gold and silver. 

However, most of us are familiar with it due to its brassy yellow appearance that resembles gold.

Interestingly enough, it too emits negative ions when exposed to human skin. 

Although there isn’t much evidence showing that wearing pyrite can reduce anxiety, some people claim they experience relief from these symptoms after placing them on their bodies or sleeping near them at night.

crystals for calming anxiety
Crystals for calming anxiety. Image - Pixabay

One reason why many believe in this crystal healing powers may be due to ancient beliefs about pyrite having mystical properties.

In ancient Greece times, it was said that all illnesses could be cured by carrying a calming stone made out of pyrite around your neck.

Many people claimed that doing so brought peace of mind and freedom from suffering.

5. Black Tourmaline

Like lapis lazuli, black tourmaline has been used since antiquity for spiritual and healing purposes. 

It consists of complex organic molecules that emit high levels of negative ions when placed close to human skin.

Because of these properties, it has been suggested that keeping one near you at night can calm feelings of stress while you sleep. 

It’s also worth noting these effective crystals offer protection against electromagnetic energy fields produced by electrical devices such as cell phones and laptops while simultaneously grounding positive energy.

In addition to stress relief, many people wear or place black tourmaline crystals on their bodies to ward off nightmares or promote sweet dreams

In addition to stress relief, many people wear or place a black tourmaline crystals on their bodies to ward off nightmares or promote sweet dreams.

A word of caution: Not all black tourmalines are created equal! 

Some inexpensive stones may contain toxic materials such as manganese and arsenic.

When shopping for them online, be sure to do your research to get a better understanding of what you’re buying.

6. Apatite

Apatite is often referred to as the versatile stone of new beginnings due to its ability to enhance emotional balance during major transitions in life—including love life, marriage, having children, or starting a new job.

Many people wear them around their necks or place them underneath their pillow at night while sleeping to foster feelings of peace and calm.

Apatite is one of the most powerful crystals for calming anxiety available.

7. Quartz

Quartz comes in many different forms, including amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz, and more.

However, there’s evidence suggesting that each crystal emits ions when exposed to human skin, which can help alleviate stress-related symptoms such as headaches and insomnia.

This power stone is known as ‘The Master Healer’, and for very good reason, with its strong ability to help us remain cantered while there is stress unfolding around us.

Clear Quartz jewellery is a perfect way to keep this integral healing stone close to our bodies and keep stress and anxiety to a minimum throughout each day. 

8. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is part of the quartz family but contains traces of iron oxide instead of silicon dioxide, giving a piece of rose quartz an appearance similar to that of an actual rose petal. 

Because it has been used since antiquity for spiritual purposes, some people are known to wear one on their bodies or places near their beds to ward off night-time fears and bring about inner peace.

This stunning gemstone is a reminder for self-care, balance and understanding.

Rose Quartz will help to make sure we start with our own piece of mind and relaxation, making us strong enough to then look at the  external factors that are bringing anxiety and stress into our lives. 

How can I heal myself if I’m experiencing negative energy?

Crystals for calming anxiety may work for you, but keep in mind that they won’t be a magical fix-all solution to your problems. 

Remember that energy is a powerful force in our lives—whether it comes from positive or negative sources. 

Healing crystals can help you feel more peaceful when you experience panic attacks, but sometimes it takes a lot more than that.

The use of crystals for calming anxiety is a great addition to other forms of therapy you might already be engaging in, such as meditation, counseling, or even anti-anxiety medication if necessary. 

But know that these wonderful stones aren’t cure-alls when experiencing chronic cycles of stress, either.

Crystals for calming anxiety give you a sense of peace, a means of centering yourself so that you have more control over your emotional states

So don’t expect perfection; instead, try giving them a shot and see what happens.

If there is no positive effect, you’ll at least enjoy some beautiful crystal pieces of art perfect for social events (I own several myself).

Healing crystals can also provide a sense of grounding, connecting you to your inner self as you focus on better energy flow. 

However, some people do find that their stress levels rise during meditations with amethyst. 

So, if it makes you feel worse, don’t force yourself to use it as part of your self-care regime.

Opt instead for other powerful stones that won’t cause any issues. Just be sure to pair it with another crystal—like a piece of rose quartz, blue calcite, ocean jasper, that does help calm unsettling feelings, and heal emotional wounds.

How do I use my Crystal set?

Once you have found the best stone to suit your own emotional needs, it is important you know how to use them, to realize the most benefit.

Here are Maverick Mindsets 4 Top Tips for using calming crystals.

1. Relax

Use your crystal set when you feel tense or anxious—your crystal set’s unique properties will help you center yourself with a sense of peace and is an easy way to shield yourself from negative thinking during uncertain times

Find a comfortable and silent spot to sit /lie down. Now close your eyes and take deep breaths.

Feel your body relaxing with each breath.

Then hold one end of your crystal set in each hand, about an inch above your forehead. 

crystals for calming anxiety
Crystals for calming anxiety. Image - Pixabay

2. Breathe 

Breathe slowly while concentrating on any tension in your head or physical body.

With each deep exhale breathing, try to clear all thoughts from your mind—don’t worry if it takes a while to achieve the best results! 

When no more thoughts are buzzing around in your head, pick up one end of the crystal set and place it gently against your forehead at between 1/8-1/4 inch away from the skin surface.

3. Center Yourself

Hold your crystal set in place with light pressure, but not enough to cause pain.

It’s okay if it takes you a few minutes to achieve total relaxation. 

When you are relaxed, remove your crystal set, put it aside on a nearby table or countertop, and then enjoy your moment of peace. 

Close your eyes if that helps you maintain that sense of peace longer.

Focus on how good you feel—and breathe deeply!

Crystals for calming anxiety. Image - Pixabay

4. Clear Your Mind

If there are still thoughts running through your head when you’re ready to remove your crystal set, start by reminding yourself that they can all wait until later—because right now is time for enjoying that peace of mind. 

Once more thoughts start flooding back into your mind, simply continue repeating Peace… Peace… Peace… until all other thoughts disappear again.