15 Creative Mood Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

bullet journal mood tracker ideas

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Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal Mood Trackers

Do you understand when or why you experience different moods each day?

If you would like to do more of what makes you happy, (and a lot less of what doesn’t), then keeping track of your mood and emotions is a great way to identify the triggers in your life and avoid those negative moods!

If you’ve reached the point in your Bujo journey, where you would like to start your own mood tracker, then you are in the right place! 

This post is packed with our favorite mood tracker ideas and tons of different ways to get your mood tracker underway.

Why Keep A Mood Tracker?

So what is the point of a mood tracker

Tracking your moods and having a better understanding of your own emotions, is an incredibly simple way to improve your quality of life.

A proven mental health technique, mood tracking enables you to remove the doubt around why you might be feeling a certain way, giving you back the control, to make healthier decisions for your own piece of mind and mental wellbeing. 

Mood trackers are a great tool that anyone can benefit from, also recommended as a self-help method for people suffering with mental health and mood disorders, such as:

Mood trackers can also track physical health, as physical and mental wellbeing both complement one another greatly.  

What Are Bullet Journal Mood Trackers?

A mood tracker bullet journal page is quite possibly the purest form of tracking your mood.

While some people use different ways, like Apps, notes on their smartphone and post-it notes, creating and completing your own bullet journal mood trackers is the ultimate in mindfulness and personal satisfaction. 

A mood tracker in your Bullet Journal is a creative and easy way to track your mental states and moods in a personal way that works best for you, whether it’s on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How it Works:

  1. Choose a mood tracker spread to best suit your needs (and Bujo style)
  2. Create a color / image coded key for your moods
  3. Fill in your daily trackers at the end of the day 
  4. Embrace the therapeutic benefits of Journaling and mood tracking

For your inspiration, we’ve put together some of the most beautiful mood tracker ideas from across the internet, so whether it’s your first time creating one, or you have been keeping a Bujo mood tracker for some time, there are some wonderful ideas here for everyone.

What Will You Need?

Keeping track of your emotions and mood patterns on a daily basis may sound a little intimidating, but there really is nothing to it.

To get started it couldn’t be easier, all you will need is a Bullet Journal Notebook and pen

Once you get in the swing of creating and completing your mood trackers, there really is no end to the creative writing styles and techniques you can introduce, using different colors and different shades, to make your mood tracker page as personalized as your heart desires!

Click this link for a full run-down of Amazing Bullet Journal Supplies. 

To get us started, let’s take a look at a simple mood tracker

15 Mood Tracker Ideas

1. Minimalist Mood Tracker

minimalist Mood tracker ideas
Minimalist Mood Tracker Ideas. alexanddoodles - Pinterest

Minimalist mood trackers are great ideas for anyone who doesn’t have much time, or if you’re just getting started with your mood trackers.

With just a black fineliner pen and a blank page, this minimalist dandelion mood tracker is a good example of how you can turn a simple idea into a really effective design to track your moods effectively. 

As you start to shade each heart, you’ll see that even tracking your gloomy days can add a splash of color to your simple mood tracker spreads.

2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Mood Tracker Idea
Rainbow Mood Tracker Ideas. littleolivebujo - Pinterest

This is a lovely monthly mood tracker, and another minimalist spread. 

This spread fits perfectly on a single page and it’s simple design makes it a mood tracker idea that anyone can have fun creating.

A key of bright colors to match your rainbow will leave you with a stunning, pastel-colored page in your Journal.

3. Picture Perfect

mood tracker ideas
Photography Mood Tracker Ideas. artisthue.com

This polaroid themed mood tracker is a really fun idea, capturing your overall mood, instead of images.

Once you have decided on the color code for your key, you can start shading in your polaroid images at the end of each day.

4. Light Up Your Life

Light Bulb Mood Tracker Ideas.
Light Bulb Mood Tracker Ideas. therussbus.com

This light-bulb themed mood tracker idea is definitely one of our favorite mood trackers.

These hanging light bulbs give a sense of hope and brightness to any bad mood you might have experienced that day.

Even the large key itself at the bottom of the page, is playing its part in adding a splash of brightness to this mood journal page.

5. When Life Gives You Lemons

Mood Tracker Ideas
Citrus Mood Tracker Ideas. seed_successful_you, Pinterest

A bright and refreshing, citrus-themed mood tracker is a really fun way to make your mood tracker entries.

Different shades of yellow in the key depict a range of moods from happy to sad, but instead of words, it uses simple and fun icons of facial expressions that are a cute way to mix up your key ideas.

6. Tree Top Tracker

Mood Tracker Ideas.
Winter Mood Tracker Ideas. crazylaura.com

We love these tree bullet journal mood tracker ideas

Despite being simple to create, adding small doodles to your mood tracker page are one of the more creative ways to personalize your spreads.

Each tree will only need a black fineliner and a few seconds to create, but by the time you finish, your page will look alive with wintery warmth. 

7. Beautiful Bujo Supplies

Mood Tracker Ideas
Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas. @annajournals_ Pinterest

How impressive is this mood tracker spread of Bullet Journal Supplies from @annajournals on Pinterest?

This fun idea just goes to show – you can create a mood tracker based on any of your hobbies or interests, just label them as days of the month, choose your color code and you’re off!

There is no better way for Bullet Journalists to personalize their mood tracker pages. The only limit here is your own imagination…

8. Avocado Creation

Mood Tracker Ideas
Avocado Mood Tracker Ideas. @b.bulletjournal - Pinterest

This January, Avocado mood tracker is all about starting the year the right way.

But let’s be honest, healthy food alongside a sleep log, is perfect for any time of year.

Looking at your daily moods alongside your quality of sleep is a good idea, as sleep plays such an important role in sleep quality, and vice versa.

Looking back at the end of the month at any direct links between the two, will help you to see if you can make any adjustments to improve your quality of life. 

9. Anyone For Ice Cream?

Ice Cream Mood Tracker Ideas
Ice Cream Mood Tracker Ideas. @littleolivebujo - Pinterest

Good moods, bad moods, happy, sad. All of these emotions  are possible in a single day, and these habit tracker ideas are a good way of capturing the range of feelings that you can experience each day.

You can see here, the mood tracker spread takes its place alongside a habit tracker spread, (much like our sleep log earlier), helps you see your mood alongside your healthy routines.

Maybe you missed some study time or your daily walk and now it’s made you feel stressed. These pictures can paint a thousand words and help you towards a more healthy balance of time. 

10. Out Of This World

Mood Tracker Ideas
Space Themed Mood Tracker Ideas. artisthue.com

You can have an absolute blast, creating this zero-gravity mood tracker.

A dotted bullet journal will help you space-out (sorry), your stars, planets and rockets evenly, making it even easier for you to create this really fun mood tracker idea.

Each component is simple to draw, but the overall effect is out of this world! (Again, sorry).

11. Beacon Of Light

Mood Tracker Ideas
Lighthouse Mood Tracker Ideas. @metro_boulot_bujo - Pinterest

Be your own beacon of light, with this stunning lighthouse-themed, Bullet Journal mood tracker.

You can of course customize the color scheme to suit your personal style, but these striking blues really add to the ocean scene of this tracker.

12. Bloom With Grace

Mood Tracker Ideas
Sunflower Mood Tracker Ideas. happierhuman.com

This sunflower mood tracker idea is a beautiful addition to your Bullet Journal. 

Each petal on the flower is numbered with different days of the month, helping you work your way around the outside in sequence, with different shades of yellows and oranges that will brighten up your month, whatever the weather.

Have a go at these sunflower mood tracker ideas free-hand, and see where it takes you.

13. Printable Mood Trackers

Printable Mood Tracker Idea
Printable Mood Tracker Idea. RADishPaperCo.com

Short on time? Not a problem. 

These printable planners are some of the best ways that you can still have stunning mood tracker pages in your Bujo, without necessarily spending hours creating them yourself.

On these designs, you can still create your own color key to personalize the designs even further, just head over to RADishPaperCo.com to find more printable habit tracker spread ideas.

14. Rise And Shine

Sunshine Mood Tracker Idea.
Sunshine Mood Tracker Idea. cutelittlepaper.com

If there is ever a chance that recording a bad day can leave you in a more positive mood before bed, then this tracker might just be the one to do it.

This mood tracker presents every single day of the month as a ray of light, leaving the entire page full of sunshine, a good idea for anyone who feels like a little boost could go a long way.

15. Year In Pixels

Year In Pixels Mood Tracker Idea.
Year In Pixels Mood Tracker Idea. Foxprintsstudio.com

This is a perfect way to track your mood across an entire year

A neat, easy-to-read mood chart, with months across the top and days down the left hand side, you can place this mood tracker in one of the blank pages of your Journal, and take a few seconds each day to capture your mood.

You can begin this tracker in any month of the year and create a separate, smaller grid for an overview of your mood throughout the past year.

Either create your own, or head over to Foxprintsstudio.com for printable versions.

What Next?

Mood trackers are a great thing that will have a huge influence on your journey to a happier, healthier daily life.

And remember, we all have good days and bad days, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re feeling low. 

Click this link if you feel you might benefit from some gratitude journaling prompts, or head over to the side-bar for all of the Journaling inspiration you’ll ever need!