The Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books (2021)

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markers for adult coloring

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Adult Coloring Pens - Your 2021 Guide

In this blog post, we will walk through everything you should be looking for in markers for adult coloring, followed by an in-depth review of the different types.

When you have finished, you can be sure you are selecting the best option to meet your specific needs, to really make your coloring books come alive.

You certainly don’t need to jump on the first set of expensive markers you see online.

So you can pick up a set of markers that bring good quality to adult coloring books at a very reasonable price, and we’re here to walk you through which of them are the very best adult coloring markers available.

But just before we do, let’s look at what makes each different type of coloring pens so unique.

Types of Coloring Markers For Adults

While you are trying to decide on the perfect marker to suit your own needs, it is important that you know about the different types of coloring pens available, to help you make that decision.

Here are the 5 cornerstone markers for adult coloring, each brilliant for their own reasons.

1. Felt Tip Markers

This is possibly the most common type of marker available for coloring.

Felt tips provide an excellent choice for anyone, as they can be used on both smaller areas and larger spaces, providing an even distribution of ink so your coloring pages will look artistic.

Often, they will come in packs with a number of colors, giving you some of the best value on the market when purchasing markers for adult coloring.

Nib sizes can vary slightly in thickness, so just something to be aware of before you purchase.

markers for adult coloring 9

2. Brush Tip Markers

A brush tip marker is like having a mini paintbrush in your hand.

Instead of a ballpoint or felt tip, brush pens literally have a brush nib that ranges from firm to soft tip.

The firm pen tips

produce good line variation but will require a little more pressure, while the

soft brush tip markers provide a brilliant, smooth application for large areas, without the need for much pressure at all.

Brush strokes are also a great choice for creating different shades, leaving you feeling like a professional artist in no time!

3. Fine Tip Markers

As their name suggests, these fine tip pens have a much finer point, making it one of the best markers for filling in those finer details, creating your own fine lines or even doodling.

They usually come in anything from 0.03mm tips, up to 4mm, so when it comes to coloring in the small details with a fine point, these are the perfect choice!

Fine tip markers are also a very popular choice for shading areas of the page and even creating your own hand lettering.

4. Gel Markers

Gel marker pens are a good choice for vibrant colors that flow onto the page of your coloring book.

The ink in glitter pens will flow like a normal writing pen, giving a smooth and enjoyable experience to color with, but with a much broader range of glitter colors available, (even metallic colors!).

Gel ink is not commonly used for filling larger areas with a single color, but instead adding vivid colors to small areas, making your detailed work look stunning.

5. Water Color Markers

Watercolor markers provide an artistic feel and flow to your coloring designs, with a water-based ink flowing from the nib.

These are not suitable for thinner coloring pages as the ink can appear on the reverse side of the page you were coloring.

If you have used or seen watercolor paints before, you may have an idea about how best to use this slightly different media, and if not – then just give it a go!

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6. Dual Tip Markers

These are easily one of our favorite markers for adult coloring.

Dual tip pens are double ended, with a different type of tip at either end.

This allows you to color and create seamlessly with more flexibility in the palm of your hand.

Dual-tip markers may have a fineliner one end, with a chisel tip on the other, so you can fill in larger areas, instantly followed by highlighting the edges or adding more detail, all in a range of colors.

The price point of dual tips can often offer an affordable option, along with diversity (but more about that in a minute).

Keep reading to find out the very best markers you can buy for each of these types…

marker pens for adult coloring

The Best Markers for Adult Coloring

So, now you know what makes each type of marker so unique, let’s take a closer look at the best coloring markers for adult coloring.

The ideal choice for anyone looking for markers, will always be something that suits your specific needs.

That doesn’t mean you need to spend a packet to receive high quality. Some of the best colored markers on the market can be found at a really affordable price.

Maverick Mindsets’ Top Pics for Adult Coloring

Felt Tip Markers

This collection of 24 bright colors is a fantastic edition to any set of markers.

A very vibrant and versatile marker, they are not only great on paper, but perfect for creating your greeting cards or coloring on felt.

If you have used Sharpie markers before, you may know about the risk of ink bleeding, so thicker paper is recommended when using them.

The tips are very fine, but with a good ink flow and strong color, they are still perfect for filling in the larger areas of your coloring books.

With 9,000 reviews on Amazon, these Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers have scored a huge 4.8 stars, which should go some way to telling you quite how good they are.

What a stunning set of pastel markers these are!

Each of these 12 colors brings its own wash of intense color to your artwork, with the felt tips allowing you to create both thick and thin lines, depending on what you are trying to create.

The high-quality flow of ink gives a really smooth feel to your work, limiting any mistakes on your coloring pages.

Unlike other pastel markers, the color will last a long time on your pages, with next to no fade whatsoever.

Fine Tip Markers

Crayola fine line markers are perfect for a touch of color in those tight spaces and smaller areas of your coloring designs.

This marker set has 40 different colors to choose from, with multiple shades of each, so you have much more choice than you may find with smaller sets.

Any sharp, fine lines that you want to create will be rich in color, helping the detail in your coloring pages to really ‘pop’.

These are some of the best pens available at this price point and coming from Crayola gives you that confidence in a brand you can really trust.

When it comes to fine tip markers for adult coloring, you will struggle to find a better quality marker than Staedtler.

This pack of 20 pens comes in classic colors, ranging from yellow to black. Other size packs are available, depending on your budget and coloring needs.

The markers themselves are wonderfully ergonomic, with a triangular shape for an easy grip, allowing you to color your pages with ease. The pack also folds back on itself, holding your set of markers open – ready and waiting for your next choice of color, (It’s the little things, right!)

Nib width is roughly 0.3mm, so any small spaces you want to bring to life, these are just perfect.

Gel Markers

Each of the 120 colors in this Mahiriata marker set is unique, so you will feel quite spoilt for choice when it comes to your coloring.

The fine tips of 0.8 – 1mm feel very fluid to write with, providing a steady flow of ink onto your page, so there is no scratching, or uneven applications in your designs.

The barrels of these gel markers are comfortable to hold, allowing you to really concentrate on your coloring designs, coupled with their portable case, gives you a well thought out, handy set of markers that you can take with you and use anywhere.

Pastel, metallic, standard gel and even neon, make up this impressive set of markers for adult coloring.

This is an absolutely stunning gel pen set.

If you’ve got a super tight budget, you might be a little unsure about picking up this pack of gel pens.

That said, if you can pay that little bit extra, the value for money is definitely there.

With 24 glitter gel pens, 12 metallic,12 neon, 2 neon glitter and 4 classic and 6 pastel colors, you will have everything you could possibly need in the world of gel markers for adult coloring!

Their tips range from 0.8 – 1mm in size and the great thing about them, is that the quick drying ink means no more smudges on your coloring pages.

The plush travel case is also ideal for taking on vacation, or just keeping your pen set up together at home.

And if you still weren’t impressed – how about a free coloring book thrown in for good measure?!

Dual Tip Markers

This is possibly the best choice for higher quality, dual tip markers, with the range of 36 stunning colors giving you an amazing array of choice when it comes to your coloring.

The brush tip of 1-2mm allows you to lay down even, beautiful strokes and you can vary the thickness of these depending on your application and look you are trying to achieve.

Then your fine tip of 0.4mm in the same color, is perfect for outlining your brushwork or adding in the more detailed pieces of work.

The quality of this set means you don’t have to worry about the flow of ink or smudging.

This pack of adult coloring pens packs a huge range of 72 different colors, giving you near endless routes to go down with your creative coloring.

Painting, sketching, graphic design, coloring, scrap booking, illustration, arts and crafts, whatever you want to turn you hand to, these vibrant and long lasting colors are a great addition to any set of markers for adult coloring.

The fine tips are 0.4mm and the brush tip, 2mm, meaning you can flick seamlessly between brushstrokes and detailed work.

You can even add a little water to your brush work, to help you blend colors in your artwork.


The first thing we want to mention here, is that getting your hands on some of the best colored markers, really doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking experience.

Yes, of course there are sets that will cost that little bit more, but keeping in mind what it is you are aiming to achieve with your coloring, is the best way to make  the right choice when it comes to markers for adult coloring.

If you are just starting out, then build your collection slowly.

Especially with how quickly an online delivery arrives nowadays, you are better off buying markers as needed, building up your coloring collection over time, rather than parting with loads of money and filling every drawer at home straight away.

Happy coloring!


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