65 Creative Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

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65 Bullet Journal Layouts, Spreads and Ideas For You to try

Do you ever find that sometimes there is just so much going on in your life, that it becomes hard to know what tomorrow has in store, let alone next week?

That your best attempts to stay on top of your schedule, still leaves you scrabbling for your appointment times and social events at the last minute?

If that sounds like you – then you’re in the right place! 

This post on Bullet Journaling will tell you everything you need to know, getting you started with your Bujo, or give more inspiration for anyone who is already underway, packed with Bullet Journal Weekly Spread ideas

What is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a method of personal organization, created by Ryder Carroll.

It contains a combination of different elements, including short form sentencing, indexing, monthlies, collections, future logs and dailies, (amongst other things!) 

It’s basically a planner system and a great way to track the past, plan for the future – capturing your thoughts and allowing you to plan throughout the day.

Table of Contents

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

Habit Trackers are a very popular addition to Bullet Journals, and you can use them to track almost anything!

Whether our habits are good or bad, they have a huge influence on us and how we live our lives. 

By developing small, healthy habits you can make enormous strides towards a healthy lifestyle and the Habit Tracker is a perfect way to put these habits in place – and make sure they stay there!

Rather than writing down if you have (or haven’t!) done your daily tasks, with a Habit Tracker, they are already written down for you to tick off, or color them in when they’re complete.

The act of filling in your daily habits, is an easy way to increase your motivation to accomplish each one.

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Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Some habit trackers can be completed as weekly or Monthly Habit Trackers, depending on what they are and how regularly you would like them tracked. 

Here are 21 of our favorite things to include in your Habit Tracker;

  1. Social Media use
  2. Money  Spent / saved (No spend days!)
  3. Workouts
  4. Daily steps
  5. Morning Wellness Routines (Yoga, meditation, stretching, cold showers)
  6. Sleep
  7. Reading
  8. Days without Alcohol
  9. Water Intake
  10. Cleaning Log
  11. Food Log
  12. Vitamins Checklist
  13. Caffeine Intake
  14. Time with friends
  15. TV use
  16. Studying
  17. Learning something new (Instrument / Language)
  18. Phone Use
  19. Hobbies
  20. Paying Bills
  21. Quality Family Time

Within any one of these categories, it’s a great idea to break them down even further, into more detailed habits.

For example ‘sleep’ could become;

  • Time to bed
  • Was sleep interrupted / broken?
  • Waking Time
  • Hours per night
  • Weekly sleep goal 
well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Weekly Logs Vs Daily Logs

There can be conflicting opinions in the world of Bullet Journaling, when deciding whether to keep weekly or daily logs. 

Some people use weekly spreads in place of monthly, but It will likely come down to what you want to achieve from your Bullet Journal and how much time you may have to spend creating it on a daily or weekly basis.

Now, before you get swept up in this dilemma, losing hours of your life trying to decide which best suits you – stop.

We’re here to remind you that keeping your Journal is supposed to be two things: helpful and fun!

So with that in mind, the most important thing to remember, is to pick the Bullet Journal system that best helps you organize your lifestyle and in a way that you will enjoy laying it out and maintaining it!

With that said, we have highlighted a few things for you to consider and maybe help you decide if the Weekly or Daily Log is for you….


  • You usually plan in a weekly format with other planners or schedules.
  • You would rather see everything you have to do for the entire week at a glance.
  • You would prefer to set up one layout a week, rather than a new one every day.
  • You prefer the highlightsof a task list, without getting into too much detail.


  • You have many daily tasks you are keeping track of, requiring more detail in your to-do lists.
  • You enjoy extra space in your daily spread to be creative, (drawings, stickers, doodling etc).
  • Your days may be changeable, giving you the opportunity to add detail as you go.
  • You want additional notes to correspond with each day, kept in one place, on the same page.

Our main take home message is do what works for you. 

If this is your first time keeping a Bullet Journal, you will likely discover that it will naturally take the shape you require it to, as you go along.

If you feel that you need a little bit more or less detail, you can adjust accordingly!  

Whichever you choose, we’ve got you covered with lots of different Bullet Journal spread ideas below…

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads
A beautiful, flower themed Weekly Spread

Weekly Logs and Weekly Layout

The weekly log is a natural step between monthlies and dailies, acting as a general overview of the whole week, helping you plan the next seven days without getting bogged down in too much detail. This will likely help you structure the bulk of your planning across the week.

You can cover any appointments, key events or tasks in your schedule, along with any deadlines you might have, covering all days of the week.

There are a number of fun elements you can also utilize in your Bullet journal weekly spread ideas, and these can vary greatly, depending on what you would like to do. 

Here is some food for thought with 13 Trackers and Logs that you can drop in to your layouts;

  1. Weather (either forecast ahead, or capture to look back on)
  2. Quote of the week
  3. Habit Tracker
  4. Gratitude Log
  5. Calendar Thumbnails
  6. Notes for next week
  7. Important Tasks
  8. Work Start / End Times
  9. Time Tracker
  10. Sleep Log
  11. Meal Planning 
  12. Gratitude Log
  13. Events/Deadlines

This isn’t an exhaustive list but will hopefully give you a feel for where you can take your weekly spreads!

Here are some simple Bullet Journal weekly spread ideas for your Weekly Spread;

well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

So you’re here for weekly spread ideas, but it wouldn’t be fair not to include some monthly spread ideas for comparison!

Your Monthly spread can be used in a couple of different ways… 

The Monthly Spread is a great place set yourself goals and reminders for key events and meetings that will be happening throughout your monthly calendar, or you can leave your monthly log with blank space, where you can keep coming back and adding to it as the month progresses, noting down ideas, experiences or events which have taken place. 

You can then come back to your entries and reference them easily later on – if you’re feeling adventurous, why not divide your Monthly Log in two and do a mixture of both!

well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
well being tracker
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

The minimalist spread is great for beginners and, well – minimalists! 

Keeping new pages in your Journal as simple spreads, is a great way to get started when you’re looking at a blank page or new Bullet Journal. This will help you focus on your content and get you in the swing of completing your journal. 

They are also good for leaving you plenty of free space to update your daily events and tasks as you move through the week, helping to keep your mind as de-cluttered as your Journal page!

There are tons of cool, minimalist ideas to try. For more simple spread ideas, why not check out our blog post 55 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas For You To Try’, which has some great inspiration for minimalist spread layouts.

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Washi Tape Mood Trackers

For a little extra cost, Washi Tape is a must-have if you want to brighten up your bullet journal spreads. Once you start using it, it might just take over your life! 

By using various colours and styles of Washi Tape, you can allocate a colour to represent certain moods. This will then act as a ‘key’ for you to tally your daily mood entries. 

Much like other mood trackers, you can then look back at your bullet journal, to see if certain things (work, people, events), trigger certain moods throughout your week.

Washi Tape Bullet Journal Supplies
Washi Tape For Bullet Journals
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Washi Tape Mood Tracker Ideas - Craftic.com

Mental Health Journaling

Journaling exercises are great for many different states of mind, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or when facing hard times. 

The best part of capturing your thoughts in your daily pages, is being offered an opportunity to reflect and grow on a daily basis, to look back on a particular emotional state and learn from yourself, or to look to the future more positively.

Your Journal can act as a valuable tool within your support system and complement more traditional talking therapies, helping you achieve a more healthy lifestyle.

Completing your Bullet Journal has many therapeutic benefits, providing some structure and outlet for how you are feeling, helping you through those difficult times.

The action of journaling itself creates a mindful activity, allowing you to be more present in that moment while you organise, express and reflect on your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Here are 8 tips for Mental Health Spreads;

  1. A daily Mantra 
  2. An Inspirational Quote
  3. Feelings and Mood Tracker
  4. A Gratitude List
  5. Self-Care Tracker
  6. Goals Tracker
  7. Daily wellbeing activities (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises)
  8. Physical activity tracker (walk, gym, bike ride)
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well being tracker
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For more on therapeutic journaling for mental health, take a look at our blog post101 Journaling Prompts for Improving Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression with Therapeutic Journal Writing. (2021)’


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