How To Create Your Bullet Journal Mind Map

bullet journal mind map

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Mind Mapping For Bullet Journals

The bullet journal mind map is one of the most powerful tools available for anyone wanting to organize, create, or brainstorm ideas.

Effectively a brain dump page, allowing you to find order and then reap the benefits from the random thoughts inside your head.

Mind mapping is a great way to look at the big picture, problem solve and find peace of mind from the thousands of thoughts we each have every day.

This post will guide you through the essential steps required, (with plenty of examples), so that you can create your own and experience the best things on offer from a bullet journal mind map!

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Bullet Journal Mind Map -

What Is a Bullet Journal Mind Map?

If you haven’t come across it before, mind mapping may sound like an original idea, but it’s a well-established concept. 

They are also known as ‘mind dump layouts’, ‘brain dumps’, but we don’t feel this does them justice! 

For hundreds of years leaders, authors, thinkers, and businesses have used this organizational system as a highly effective way to find mental clarity, plan strategy and solve problems.

When you create a bullet journal mind map, you are getting the cluttered thoughts out of your head and onto paper, this can be completely random, and potentially unconnected thoughts.

Once they are written down, you can start to visualize your plans, goals, and the structure around them. This can take as little or as much time as you want to dedicate to the process.

There are a lot of different layout options and we will be sharing some with you in this post.

If you are new to Bullet Journaling, check out this article to find out all you need to know, but it isn’t essential for the purpose of mind mapping.

Now let’s look at the 5 main benefits of the bullet journal mind map.

Bujo mind map

5 Benefits of Mind Mapping

1. Memory Improvement

It is no secret that writing and more specifically journaling, improves memory.

The sheer amount of information thrown at us in the modern world, can make it almost impossible to focus on individual thoughts for very long.

By capturing ideas and thoughts in your bullet journal mind map, you can build on your ideas and keep your memory stimulated on a daily basis

This could be a new good idea for anyone who finds it hard to recall memories or plans, and by the use of a different color, or different symbol to link thought processes, you can make your mind map even more powerful for memory improvement.

2. Problem Solving

Achievable, small steps are an easy way to solve the biggest of problems. 

But while we are turning problems over in our mind, they can become bigger, more complicated, and often out of reach.

A mind map provides a perfect way to look at your problems and everything relevant to it from an entirely fresh perspective, so you can approach them with a clear mind in a different way.

Many people use this useful spread as the first step to gain a unique perspective on any problem, big or small. 

3. Creativity

Creativity should be fun, but when you have a new idea, it can be hard to add the building blocks and grow your concept while it remains stuck in your mind.

A good place to start is by laying all the different concepts and creative things you are thinking out in front of you on paper.

This will open up a new set of creative ways that you can start to approach your idea, exploring all of the smaller avenues and lightbulb moments that were tucked away in your mind.

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Bullet Journal Mind Map -

4. Organizing Information

This is one of the original and most powerful uses of the bullet journaling method and is even more impactful with your mind map.

There are a lot of things you can do to organize your thoughts and ideas in simple ways, and stay on top of your daily tasks

House chores, shopping lists, or trying to better understand your mind to improve your mental health, all become clearer with the use of a bullet journal mind map.

You can color code, highlight and add page numbers to your to-do lists, making your mind mapping system a powerful organizational tool.

5. Planning

Nearly all aspects of daily life require a plan. 

Mind mapping means you can brainstorm your ideas, taking them from their earliest concept, and building on them until you have a detailed action plan.

This could mean planning all of the little things you have to do this week, a monthly to-do list or even looking as far ahead as next year and beyond.

By having your goals written down, you are 42% more likely to achieve them, and if we are honest, in the absence of a plan, it is unlikely you will achieve them at all! 

Bullet Journal Mind Map -

How To Create A Mind Map

Here is how to create a new mind map in 5 simple steps:

1. Take a double page spread in your journal, or a blank piece of paper horizontally. A vertical, or single page in your journal probably won’t be enough space.

2. Write the main keyword of the subject you are mapping, or an image of it if you prefer. 

3. Write the main keywords or phrases that come into your mind that surround the subject. Don’t be too tidy or focused here, some words may feel unrelated, but get them down anyway.

4. Now connect these main focus words with lines, to your central keyword or focus. If they are different topics or sections, this is where you can add color for a clearer layout.

5. This is your master list. From here, connect your main categories to the more detailed and specific thoughts, outcomes and ideas.

Bujo Mind Mapping
Bullet Journal Mind Map -

Who Can Use Journal Mind Maps?

Absolutely anyone.

The bullet journal system and mind mapping are all about increasing performance and organization.

It is not aimed so much at a certain sector, age group or gender, but at a personality type

The bullet journal mind map is for anyone who wants to better understand themselves and make sure they are using their time and the thoughts inside their head, to their best advantage.

So, whether you are trying to become more organized with your chores, thrash out your bucket list, or build a new business, a bullet journal mind map is the best way to put those steps in place.


The bullet journal mindmap is an incredible tool.

Hopefully this article has given you the confidence to go ahead and create your own, or give you inspiration for your next mind mapping exercise.

You don’t need fancy brush pens or an expensive journal, just give it a go and know that the worst thing that can happen, is that you start again on a fresh page!

So next time your head is full to the brim with ideas, or you are struggling to work out a problem, give the mind map a go – we are confident you won’t be disappointed.