13 Amazing Bullet Journal Gift Ideas For Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journal gift ideas

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Epic Gift Guide For Bullet Journalists

Looking for Bullet Journal gift ideas for a Bullet Journal lover? Then you’re in the right place! This ultimate gift guide is easy to follow and has it all. 

You may be looking for a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season, a birthday gift, or maybe just a fun gift to say thank you.

Bullet Journal supplies make the perfect gift for anyone in the Bullet Journal community, whether they are a complete newbie, or have been Journaling for years, there isn’t a Bujo fan I can think of who wouldn’t get excited about receiving these excellent gifts.

From starter kits to Journaling notebooks, pens and accessories, these Bullet Journal gift ideas are a great way to buy gifts at a reasonable price, that your best friend, colleague or family member can keep on enjoying for months and even years to come.

13 of the Best Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

The Bullet Journal Method

This book is a wonderful gift

The Bullet Journal method is a book all about the planner system devised by Ryder Carroll.

Daily logs, keeping your to do list, monthly and weekly calendars, alongside other useful tools, such as mood trackers, habit trackers and sleep logs, all play their part in making you ultra-organized, and at the same time supporting your quality of life and good mental health

Sound like a lot? Well this great book covers it all, straight from the expert’s mouth, making this practical guide to Bullet Journaling a great gift idea for every Bullet Journal fan.

Bullet Journal Starter Kit

As Bullet Journal gift ideas go, a starter kit is a fantastic option, and one of the best gifts you can possibly buy for any Bullet Journaler who is just getting started. 

With the added bonus of providing all of the essentials in one place, they will be ready to start making Journal entries within moments of unwrapping their new gift.

Depending on who you are buying for and how much you would like to spend, there are a range of Bullet Journal Starter Kits available, giving you plenty to choose from.

Below are three of our absolute favorite Bullet Journal gift ideas, packed with stickers, stencils and much more and all for an affordable price. 

1. Hongteya Bujo Starter Set

2. Feela Starter Kit

3. Stationery Island Set

Bullet Journal Notebooks

The Bullet Journal notebook is possibly the most important part of anyone’s Journaling experience, but that’s not to say that you can’t make the leap for that special someone, and surprise them with a Journaling notebook that they’ll love.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to picking the perfect notebook, with paper quality, index pages, paper weight, size and thickness, all playing their part.

To make your decision much simpler, we have selected 3 of the very best, and most popular notebooks available, so you really can’t go wrong whichever one you choose! 

If you did want to dive deeper into the world of Bullet Journal Notebooks, you can check out our article – The Best Bujo Notebooks Money Can Buy!

1. Ottergami Dotted Notebook

2. Rhodia Notebook

3. Dotted Artfan Journal

3 Of The Best Pen-Types for Journalers

Bullet Journal pens are a great present and what really makes those entries pop out from the page.

If you’re sitting there thinking, ‘but they already have a pen for their Journal’ I speak for Journal lovers everywhere when I say – there is no such thing as too many pens!

Crisp fineliners and smart fountain pens can make entries in their weekly spread an absolute pleasure to create, while brush pens bring out the artistic side in even the newest Bullet Journaler.  

Different color options and pen styles are always a great idea, helping any Bullet Journalist take their hand lettering to the next level.

1. Fineliners

While it might not seem like the most striking gift, fineliners are such an important tool for bullet journalists, mainly because they get used daily, dry on the page instantly and don’t smudge.

While fineliners are available in different colors, they are usually a vibrant black color, and there is no better way for a Bullet Journal addict to make their straight lines stand out on the page.

2. Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are perfect Bullet Journal gift ideas, for that sleek, professional look, and let’s be honest – what a beautiful and thoughtful gift to receive.

If you are unsure whether your Bullet Journaling friend uses a fountain pen or not, there is no reason why they can’t replace their everyday pen with a fountain pen, giving them a super-smooth writing experience and a gift they will cherish for a long time to come.

Many will be delivered in a sleek pen case, giving your gift an even nicer feel. 

3. Brush Pens

Washi Tape

This mini, masking-like tape is durable, flexible and adaptable to almost any Bullet Journaling situation. 

Available in a wide range of different colors and textures, washi tape rolls are easy to use and don’t leave behind a sticky mess if anyone Journalers want to relocate their strips of tape.  

Put simply – Rolls of Washi tape are a great choice of gift for any Journaling style and available at an affordable price.