The Best Bullet Journal Fonts for Your Bujo

Bullet journal lettering

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11 Font Ideas For Your Bullet Journal Lettering

Are you looking for beautiful Bullet Journal fonts to really enhance the look and feel of your Bullet Journal pages?

Different fonts are one of the best ways to add creativity, fun and that wow factor to your own bullet journal.

While some Bujo fonts are nice and simple to replicate, others can be a little trickier and will require some practice! 

But either way, we’ll be covering everything you’ll need to know in this post – from the pens you need to get started, how to learn hand lettering, the best Bullet Journal fonts and plenty of images of each style, making you more than ready to get started with some beautiful fonts of your own. 

Just Getting Started with your Bullet Journal?

If you’d like any more help setting up your Bullet Journal pages, Click Here and we’ll guide you through every step of the way! 

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Best Bullet Journal Fonts
Best Bullet Journal Fonts

Font Supplies for Bullet Journal Lettering

There are a range of Bullet Journaling pens available that will really help you create the different styles you’ll see in this post.

  • Brush Pens

Brush tip pens are a great choice to add that artistic feel and some texture to your Bujo spreads. They are available with a range of tips that mimic the flow of a paintbrush.

They are one of the really fun ways to add some style to your weekly spreads. 

Some of the most popular brush pens for bullet journaling are Tombow dual brush pens.

  • Highlighters and Mildliners

Highlighters are a great way to add bold font and really emphasize certain parts of your designs and entries.

The thickness of Mildliners is between a highlighter and fineliner, giving you even more options for your lettering styles.

The Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen & Marker is a double-ended marker, allowing for broad highlights in your lettering, along with a mildliner lettering tool.

  • Fineliners

Fineliner pens are made out of fiber with plastic tips. These are a great option for designing some really stunning handwriting.

Fineliners are available in different colors, with the most popular being a black pen and their vibrant black color really makes your simple lines stand out on the page.

Staedtler pigment liner is loaded with gel ink and their rollerball nib makes them a pleasure to wite with. 

For a much more in-depth look at Bullet Journal pens that will help you create different fonts – check out our post dedicated to the Best Bullet Journal Pens Available!

Best Bullet Journal Fonts
Best Bullet Journal Fonts

7 Top Tips to learn Bullet Journal Hand lettering

Before you jump straight into your Bullet Journal Lettering, it’s a good idea to take some time to learn your new fonts. 

1. Practice

Just like any new skill, the more you can practice, the more natural it will become.

Taking some time before each of your journal entries, to really get comfortable with the  art of Bullet Journal lettering, will certainly show when it comes to the real thing.

Making your practice relevant to how you will be using your lettering is always  a good idea too, whether that’s days of the week, titles, or dates. 

2. Blank Page

Having somewhere  you can make mistakes and come back to just for your lettering practice, is always a great way of taking a little pressure off yourself.

Maybe leaving some pages blank in the back of your Journal or using somewhere completely separate, while you get used to starting your letters in the right place and getting in the flow. 

3. Pencil First

If you really don’t want to make any mistakes in your Journal, creating your lettering headers and entries in pencil first is a great option as you build your confidence. 

That way, you can have as many attempts as you like, before going over your outlines in pen.

4. Pads and Pens

A good quality set of pens and notepad will certainly help you to create amazing fonts

There’s nothing worse than taking all this time to learn how to produce something you love, only to watch the ink bleed on the paper! 

If you’re still on the hunt for the right notebook, check out our Ultimate Bujo Notebook guide! 

5. Videos 

There are some quality video tutorials that you can follow to enhance your handwritten font you can produce.

To save you searching the internet –  We’ve shared some of our favorite links at the bottom of this article, that will show you exactly what you need to do to take your hand lettering to the next level. 

6. Dot-To-Dot

Many of the Journal notebooks we recommend, come with dotted pages. 

While this is largely to help journalers to keep a neat and functional journal for planning, they are  also a fantastic tool to keep letter sizing even.

Consistent sized lettering will have a huge positive impact on the overall look of your font-writing. 

7. Print Practice

Why not print out some hand lettering templates or download some stencils and copy over the top of them?

You can either do this on blank pages, or directly onto your journal spreads.

Once you’ve done this a few times and become used to how each style of writing takes shape, you’ll be ready to remove the outlines and go freehand with your own amazing fonts in no time. 

Bullet Journal Notebooks are an important part offhand lettering
Best Bullet Journal Fonts

The Best bullet journal fonts for your bujo!

Here is breakdown of some of the most fun, popular and creative font ideas for Bullet Journaling that you can learn, helping you to create the Journal Spread of your dreams!

Block Lettering

Block lettering is an easy font to add some real impact to your journal pages. Using the dots in your  journal and starting with straight lines , makes this a perfect style for absolutely anyone to have a go at.

  • 3D Block Letters

3D block letters are perfect for your titles and headers, really making them stand out of the page.

Using highlighters can really make your block lettering stand out and give it a really unique feel

block lettering bullet journals
Best Bullet Journal Fonts
  • ½ Block Font

If full block lettering seems a bit challenging to begin with, the ½ block font is one of the easy ways to get started, with one side of the letter being as close to normal handwriting as you can get.

There’s also something about the thin line in these letters that we think adds a real touch of class to this handwriting style.

bullet journal half block letters
Best Bullet Journal Fonts

Handwriting Bullet Journal Fonts

These are some of the most stunning styles of creative bullet journal fonts you will ever come across.

  • Cursive Fonts

Cursive handwriting is a beautiful style of lettering and there are some great online templates available to help you get started with cursive font.

This joined-up, handwritten font is a creative way of adding some real style to your lettering game. 

cursive handwriting
Best Bullet Journal Fonts
  • Faux Calligraphy

This can be a little tricky to get the hang of but is certainly worth the extra time and effort to get right.

Similar to brush lettering, (but not quite as difficult), it is made up of standard cursive letters and then adding the elements of brush lettering. 

A quality calligraphy pen will make  this a lot easier to get right. 

Best Bullet Journal Fonts
Best Bullet Journal Fonts -

calligraphy lettering For Bullet Journaling

The brush letter style is possibly the most impressive font you can master. 

STAEDTLER Double Ended Watercolour Brush Pen have become really popular among bullet journalers, and with the right equipment and some practice, there’s no reason you can’t master this great font

Also consider buying a brush lettering guide, which can really bring along your brush lettering leaps and bounds.

  • Brush Calligraphy 

Brush calligraphy is a creative way to bring a real touch of personal style and texture to your headers and banners. 

Buying the right pens will make this so much easier too, with different width brush nibs available in natural hair, synthetic hair and felt. 

brush lettering
Best Bullet Journal Fonts
  • Blended Brush Lettering

Blending different colors in your brush lettering looks super stylish and can be a great addition to seasonal spreads or headers. 

We’ve added a tutorial for you at the foot of this post!

blended brush lettering
Best Bullet Journal Fonts - - Pinterest

Straight Line Bullet Journal Fonts

Straight lines are one of the most simple bullet journal fonts, and the best places to start if you’re new to hand lettering.

With a whole host of fun ways to get this simple font on the page of your Bujo, it will really help you build confidence before you move on to some of the trickier design ideas available.

Straight line lettering is also perfect for the more minimal, functional journal, keeping your entries neat and sharp.

  • Serif Fonts

Serif font is very simple line lettering, with the serif style added to the letters.

A very cool font, and a simple and effective way of adding some class to straight line lettering.

serif bujo font
Best Bullet Journal Fonts
  • Simple Print

Simple prints are the best way to get started with your hand lettering. If you want to add more detail, why not introduce some color or details around your letters.

simple print font
Best Bullet Journal Fonts -

Bubble Letter Bullet Journal Fonts

Bubble letters are similar to block fonts, but not quite as rigid, as they have rounded corners.

These fun fonts look a bit more relaxed on your spreads and are great fun to experiment with, as you don’t have to be too precise. 

  • Bubble Font

This cute font is perfect for bubbles, balloons and summer themes and once you get in the swing of creating this lettering, it can be a little addictive!

Best Bullet Journal Fonts
Best Bullet Journal Fonts - - Pinterest
  • 3D Bubble Font

3D bubbly font is a little tricky, but it looks great, making it one of the best Bullet Journal fonts for your Bujo!

Best Bullet Journal Fonts
Best Bullet Journal Fonts -

Lettering Video Tutorials and Equipment

Hopefully, you feel full of inspiration and ready to start crafting your own beautiful hand lettering.

We can’t stress enough how the correct equipment, practice and patience, will make your Bujo lettering journey much smoother and more enjoyable.

And if you’re still looking for quality notepads or stylish bullet journal pens, you’ll find everything you need in our other posts! 

Below are some amazing YouTube videos and lettering templates that will give your lettering ability a huge boost!