The Best Kratom Strains and Their Effects (2021)

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Kratom powder

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The Best Kratom strains for you to try in 2021

Have you been trawling the internet looking for a super product that can keep you awake, give you pain relief and improve your sex life?

Maybe you have heard about the Asian wonder herb Kratom and want to find out more? 

At Maverick Mindsets we scour the globe looking for all sorts of cool things to write about that relate to mindfulness, motivation and wellbeing.

When researching for our blog on cbd vs thc we came across Kratom.

In this blog we’ll take a look at what Kratom is, its effects and what the best Kratom strains are to try in 2021.

kratom supplement
Best Kratom strains

Table of Contents

What is Kratom?

The Kratom tree (mitragyna speciosa tree) is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. It is grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Its leaves possess a stimulant effect and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

In recent times the use of kratom as an alternative medicine has been popular.

The leaves undergo a drying process and can be used to make kratom tea or encapsulated and sold as a kratom powder supplement across the world.

Kratom leaves can also be smoked like tobacco for recreational purposes.

The plant has three different colour variants; white, red, and green, which are all capable of providing sedative, simulative and relaxing effects.

So before we move on to the best Kratom strains, let’s take a look at where you can take Kratom and where you can’t.

kratom tea
Best Kratom strains

Legality of Kratom

In the United States there is no federal regulation of Kratom however in some states kratom products have been banned over concerns of the effects on users. European laws differ by country.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration official website:

‘The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom.

The FDA is concerned that kratom, which affects the same opioid brain receptors as morphine, appears to have properties that expose users to the risks of addiction, abuse, and dependence.

There are no FDA-approved uses for kratom, and the agency has received concerning reports about the safety of kratom. FDA is actively evaluating all available scientific information on this issue.

It continues to warn consumers not to use any products labeled as containing the botanical substance kratom or its psychoactive compounds, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.’

5 Effects of Taking Kratom

Kratom is a versatile plant and can be used for a variety of purposes. Different kratom strains elicit different effects and effects can also vary depending on the dosage.

The best Kratom strains are often those that suit your purpose the best. For example the best Kratom strains for someone wanting stimulation wont necessarily be the best Kratom strains for someone who wants to relax.

Low doses (<4g) are said to be the most effective as a stimulant energy boost. It enhances feelings of mental alertness, focus and boosts energy.

It can also act as an aphrodisiac by increasing sexual performance and health, in capsule form it is sold online as a plant based viagra alternative. 

High doses of kratom may have effects similar to those of other opioid drugs. These effects include:

  1. Reduced anxiety
  2. Sedation
  3. Pain relief
  4. Relaxation
  5. Pinpoint pupils

Kratom users also report a euphoric effect when taking the substance in higher doses.

The best Kratom strains for you may not necessarily be the best for anyone else.

10 Reported Health Benefits of Kratom

The leaves of this tree are used mainly for preparing alternative medicines, as it has a multitude of health benefits (although more research is needed into the science behind many of these). 

Kratom leaves have an effect that is similar to morphine but without the intensive addiction qualities.

This is to do with the way that the chemicals bond with the opioid receptors in the human body.

Kratom is capable of lowering the blood pressure level, promotes good sleep, prevents stress, relieves pain, aids in addiction recovery from opiates, improves metabolism, eliminates anxiety, improves sexual energy, prevents diabetes, and promotes the immune system.

kratom thailand
Best Kratom strains

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kratom according to well-being website Instah

  1. Pain Relief

Kratom comes in three different strains, which all are effective relievers for chronic pain. White vein, green vein, and red vein varieties provide pain relief by attaching to opioid receptors.

One compound found in kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine, is 13 times more potent than morphine.

Although kratom targets opioid receptors like morphine and codeine, it is considered an atypical opioid.

Kratom selectively inactivates specific signals, which may explain the more tolerable side effects compared to typical opioids.

  1. Boosts Your Immune System

The presence of several alkaloids in the leaves of the Kratom tree is known to have a combined effect on your immune system. It strengthens and offers your body the ability to recover faster.

Regular kratom users in South Asia believe the leaves improve the immune system and can prevent diseases.

  1. Provides Excellent Energy

Kratom leaves have impressive metabolic effects that make it a popular choice among manual workers in Thailand.

In smaller doses it improves energy levels by promoting specific metabolic processes and suppressing the appetite allowing the workers to work for longer, taking less breaks.

It also promotes the levels of blood circulation and improves the oxygen levels in the blood, which when paired with fast-paced metabolic activities, offers a burst of energy.

This is why ancient medicines use Kratom in as a natural solution for patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  1. Prevents Mood Swings, Anxiety, And Stress

The soothing and relaxing effects of Kratom in higher doses make it an ideal choice for individuals who are suffering from mental stability issues.

It is often utilized as the anxiolytic substance for treating people experiencing mood swings, chronic stress, social anxiety, and depression.

It regulates the body’s hormones and provides good relief from such exhausting symptoms caused by a chemical imbalance.

It is very useful for those who are suffering from PTSD, panic attacks, careers with high-stress levels, depressive disorders, and anxiety.

  1. Aids In Addiction Recovery

Those people who are facing the issue of overcoming addiction of opiates such as heroin, fentanyl, methadone or oxycontin have reported relief by using Kratom leaves.

With the effects of kratom lasting 2-6 hours, this provides a steady release to counter the need for an opiate hit.

It also helps in offering better relief from the symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety, insomnia, pain, aches, diarrhoea, and nausea.

People who are trying to ditch their habit of using opium can turn towards Kratom, as an alternative solution.

  1. Promotes Heart Health

Kratom leaves can help in lowering the blood pressure levels, as it has chemical components that have a positive impact over your body hormones, arteries, and blood vessels.

It also eases the tension in the cardiovascular system to prevent the occurrence of various heart diseases. Using fine powder kratom can also help in preventing chronic health issues like heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis.

  1. Enhances Libido

Kratom leaves in small doses of fine powder capsules can improve an individual’s sexual appetite that makes it an apt choice for those who are suffering from sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and low levels of sexual energy.

Kratom has also been used as an aphrodisiac and sexual mood enhancer in many countries.

It is very useful for enhancing fertility and libido levels for improving the rates of conception. It is useful for improving the sexual health of both men and women and is a popular alternative to man made Viagra.

  1. Offers Better Sleep

The sedative effects in Kratom make it one of the most useful natural remedies to improve your sleep quality. It possesses the ability to shut down the stimulating regions of the brain to help you have a peaceful sleep.

Having a cup of tea brewed with Kratom leaves helps in falling asleep quickly. It also helps people feel very refreshed and well-rested the next morning.

  1. Boosts Mood

Kratom is highly beneficial in lifting your spirits by boosting the mood. It can help give a euphoric feeling, while offering a sense of well-being.

Kratom promotes the positive cognitive state and can improve the euphoric emotional state of an individual. This particular trait is what makes it attractive to new users.

  1. Improves Concentration

Kratom is known to act as a focus booster and as a nootropic (memory booster).

The white and green strains are capable of promoting mental energy to improve focus on everyday activities. It can also reduce ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder) symptoms by developing concentration.

Using Kratom can also help you think clearly even while performing tedious mental work, which again explains its popularity amongst Thai workers.

Side effects of Kratom

Because kratom has such potent ingredients and is largely unregulated, you should always consult with a doctor or medical professional before taking it, especially if you plan on combining it with other medication. 

Up until this point we have mainly covered the benefits of using kratom and the positives surrounding it.

However it is important to be aware that there are a number of potentially negative effects associated with kratom use, especially if you have been taking the substance for a long time.

kratom side effects
Best Kratom strains - Side Effects

Side Effects

Kratom use commonly causes nausea and constipation, but some users may experience the following side effects: 

  • Sweating
  • Itching
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Liver damage

Long-Term Effects

One study examined the effects of prolonged kratom use. Participants reported darkened facial skin, dry mouth, frequent urination, anorexia, weight loss, and frequent constipation.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Despite protests to the contrary by supporters of kratom as a natural medicine, and the insistence that there are no side effects there is reason to believe that excessive use of kratom produces similar effects to that of any illegal substance.

Anecdotal evidence and case studies from long term, regular users reported these common withdrawal symptoms:

  • Hostility
  • Aggression
  • Inability to work
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Jerky movements of the limbs

Permanent Damage

As per the Livertox study, excessive use of kratom causes acute liver injury.

The injury starts happening just in 2-8 weeks of taking the herbal drug in the form of powder or tablet on a regular basis. Some of the effects include dark urine which could be followed by jaundice. 

The DEA (drug enforcement agency) in the United States has been made aware of several cases where users have overdosed on kratom or have experienced psychosis due to ingesting a potent strain.

Popular Kratom Strains 2021 According to Kratom Guides

Now let’s look at the Best Kratom strains 2021.

Obviously the best strains for you will depend on your personal experience with the substance.

Not everyone will want to use kratom for the same reason and I think the best option if you did want to try it would be to look at one of the less potent kratom strains and start off with a lower dose. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular strains by colour; red, white and green and see if you can find your perfect strain;

6 Red Strains of Kratom

Bali Kratom and its 7 Effects

Bali kratom is probably the most popular strain on the market and widely considered one of the best Kratom strains.

It was considered a standard for many years and even a vast majority of Kratom vendors offered this strain as their recommended ‘go to’.

Leaves of Bali kratom strains are significantly darker than in other strains.

Bali kratom trees tend to go faster compared to other strains as well. We can divide Bali kratom strains based on the veins on their leaves (white, green, and red). Benefits of this kratom strain include:

  1. Energy Boost
  2. Analgesia or pain relief
  3. Mood Boost
  4. Relief from opiate withdrawal and addiction
  5. Appetite changes
  6. Certain sedative effects
  7. Relaxation

Maeng Da Kratom and its 8 Effects

Maeng Da Strain kratom was created as a high-potency red kratom strain which is found in Thailand and Indonesia.

This is considered one of the best Kratom strains for mood boosting and focus.

What many people don’t know about this strain is that Maeng Da is a genetically-modified version of a tree in Thailand and it contains more alkaloid compared to the original kind.

Leaves are darker at first but become greener when they are powdered and crushed. Benefits of this kratom strain include:

  1. Energy Boost
  2. Improved mood
  3. Focus and clarity
  4. Enhanced memory and other cognitive functions
  5. Antidepressant effects
  6. Increased enthusiasm and stamina
  7. Aids pain management
  8. Improves sexual performance

Red Vein Borneo and its 7 Effects

Red Vein Borneo belongs to the group of the most prolific red vein kratom strains.

As you can presume based on its name, this strain comes from Borneo, and it’s a popular choice for users who are looking for relaxation.

Besides sedative effects, this red borneo kratom strain can also aid management of:

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Fatigue
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Scoliosis
  6. Fibromyalgia
  7. Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Red Thai Kratom and its 5 Effects

Red Thai is one of the most widely consumed kratom strains you can find on the market today and one of the favorite strains among users.

Compared to green and white strains, Red Thai kratom has a more relaxing and sedating effect.

After all, that’s a common trait of many red strain variants – they provide relaxation thanks to the natural chemical that gives the unique red vein kratom leaves.

Regular intake of this kratom strain delivers the following benefits:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Sedation
  3. Relaxation
  4. Better sleep
  5. Anti-anxiety effects

Red Kali Kratom and its 3 Effects

Red Kalimantan or Red Kali kratom is one of the purest strains of kratom that are native to regions in South Asia.

Even though the effects of Red Kali are milder than those of Red Bali kratom, they last longer. These milder, yet longer, effects are due to the fact that denser leaves of Red Kali take longer to get broken down in the body.

Benefits associated with Red Kali include:

  1. Anxiety relief
  2. Anti-fatigue
  3. Pain relief

Red Indo Kratom and its 4 Effects

Red Indo Kratom comes from Indonesia, the biggest exporter of kratom.

Different reasons could explain why Indonesia is currently #1 in kratom export but the most important one is that this country has the ideal conditions necessary for the growth of kratom.

Unlike Red Kali which is fully relaxing, Red Indo exhibits milder effects; which is why it is more energizing than its counterpart.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll experience a surge of energy, and it still belongs to sedating strains.

Regular supplementation with this strain brings the following benefits:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Relaxation
  3. Anxiety relief
  4. Improved mood

3 Green Strains of Kratom

Super Green Malaysian and its 6 Effects

Green Malay Kratom or Super Green Malay has gained in popularity lately thanks to strong effects coupled with high potency.

Many users of Maeng Da, and other strains prefer Super Green Malay because its effects last longer and these products tend to be relatively more affordable (it all depends on the brand, of course).

Health benefits you can obtain through supplementation with this kratom strain include:

  1. Euphoric effects
  2. Energy Boost
  3. Mood enhancement
  4. Pain relief
  5. Increased motor and sensory function
  6. Improved motivation

Green Vein Kali and its 5 Effects

What makes Green Vein Kali kratom strain so amazing is its well-roundedness.

While many strains exhibit a specific effect while other benefits are relatively mild, this strain manages to balance out different properties despite a relatively lower concentration of alkaloids.

This could explain why Green Vein Kali won the hearts of numerous people around the globe.

Effects one can achieve through supplementation with this strain include:

  1. Solid energy boost
  2. Pain relief
  3. Mood enhancement
  4. Stimulation
  5. Relaxation

Green Indo Kratom and its 5 Effects

Green Indo kratom is one of the most famous strains today. The strain of kratom originates in Southern Asia, like many other strains.

What makes this green kratom so unique is that it works well with other strains, thus allowing users to get the maximum out of products containing these ingredients.

Green Indo kratom is on the crossroads, i.e. it is placed right between white and red strains. In turn, it provides benefits that are characteristic for each of these strains.

Benefits of Green Indo kratom include:

  1. Increased levels of alertness
  2. Energy Boost
  3. Creates mild euphoria
  4. Improved focus
  5. Makes you more sociable

4 White Strains of Kratom

Natural Enhanced White Sumatra Extract

The extract is always a great way to support your health and improve quality of life. It contains a high quality and quantity of active ingredients and delivers them in different ways, based on a patient’s convenience.

Natural Enhanced White Sumatra extract was specifically created to contain 90% pure alkaloid extraction from white vein kratom only to combine it with the leaf of this tree.

The greatest advantage of this extract is that it delivers a more powerful version of white vein kratom. Besides pain relief and exhaustion, the extract boosts your energy levels too.

White Vein Thai and its 4 Effects

White Vein kratom strains are truly unique because they provide an amazing energy boost that you need in the morning or during those times when you’re exhausted.

White Vein Thai originates in Thailand, and it comes with a wide spectrum of alkaloids which are responsible for the health benefits of this strain.

Health benefits of this strain include:

  1. Euphoric effects
  2. Energy
  3. Pain relief
  4. Stimulating properties

White Vein Indo and its 4 Effects

White Vein Indo is yet another strain that comes from Indonesia, and it also goes by other names such as White Vein Sumatra Kratom and White Vein Borneo.

This kratom strain provides a mild to moderate stimulation which can be useful for an energy boost and increased productivity.

Thanks to its practical effects, White Vein Indo can also improve your communication skills and boost motivation.

Health benefits you can expect include:

  1. Energy Boost
  2. Pain relief
  3. Euphoric effects
  4. Anxiety relief

White Vein Kali and its 5 Effects

Compared to red vein strains, White Vein strains including Kali exhibit milder pain relief effects, but they are still existent.

This unique strain manages to retain some of the pain relief potentials while providing other important benefits, such as:

  1. Energy Boost
  2. Stimulation
  3. Pain relief
  4. Mood enhancing
  5. Relaxation

Hybrid Strains of Kratom

Much like Indica and Sativa Cannabis plants, kratom producers are creating hybrid versions of the natural plant, extracting the best qualities from various strains to create different types not found in nature.

As well as the ones listed above there is an ever growing range of kratom products coming to the market with bold claims on what they can do for your health.

Often the best Kratom strains are a combination of the originals as they have been specifically grown to elicit certain effects.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our whistle stop tour through the fascinating world of kratom as a natural medicine and have got some ideas for the best Kratom strains for you.

If you are interested in finding out about other herbal products for health and wellbeing then check out our article on cbd vs thc for an insight into how cannabinoids can react in your body and the health benefits that they can bring.

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